Blockchain Technology for Emissions Management

Cloud to the Ground: EHS&S in Age of Blockchain

Blockchain technology
Figure1: Evolution of computing
Figure 2: Blockchain connected?

All of this could completely change how companies run their businesses and present new opportunities far beyond sustainability and environmental emissions management.

Figure 3: View the whole picture, improve access, speed, certainty, and lower the cost of enterprise emissions management

This would significantly reduce reporting and compliance costs while improving the efficiency at both companies and regulating entities.

Emissions data will flow in real time between emitters and governmental agencies, and more importantly among emitters themselves. This will allow a peer to peer trading of emissions in real time. Reporting will be significantly reduced and simplified. All of this will be possible because new IoT technologies are running on the decentralized blockchain technology.

Figure 4: Always connected to your blockchain ledger and real time emissions monitoring
Figure 5: IoT train has already left the station

Organize your environmental information in the cloud.

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